Week 8: Working With Temples

Week 8 Lesson Objectives:
In a MS Word document, take screen shots of proof that you have completed the following objectives in Chapter 11 and 12.

  • Using the Default WordPress Theme
  • Choosing a New Theme
  • Setting Up Menus
  • Using Post Formats
  • Customize your Theme with CSS
  • Add a Favicon
  • Edit the Function File

Time to Complete a backup! Backup Your Week 6 Material Before Starting This Chapter!

WordPress is notorious for breaking with the installation of tools. It is your responsibility, to make sure you back up your work weekly just in case. It is inevitable that each of your WordPress sites will break at least once throughout this course. If you back up you will not need to start all over.

Instructions: This chapter provides information on working with templates in wordpress.  Complete each of the tasks that are explained step by step in Chapter  10, 11, 12 (Extra Credit). Once you have completed Chapter 10, complete Putting It Together questions on pg 160. Take screen shots using MS Word  that you have completed the Chapter 10 Objectives. Once you have completed Chapter 11, complete Putting It Together questions on pg 172. Take screen shots using MS Word  that you have completed the Chapter 11 Objectives. If you choose to complete the extra credit for Chapter 12,  complete Putting It Together questions on pg 194. Take screen shots using MS Word  that you have completed the Chapter 12 Objectives.

You must show proof of the following  learning goals. In a MS Word document , provide screen shots of your WordPress site attached showing you have completed the objectives below. Be sure to provide the appropiate label which should be the objective above each screen shot.  At the end of the MS Word document you should complete Putting It All Together questions in complete sentences with appropiate labels. Save this document as LastNameLab8.docx

Readings: WordPress Chapter 10, 11, 12  (Extra Credit)

  • Refer to Chapter 10, 11 and 12 (Extra Credit) of WordPress by Jessica and Matt Beck to complete this assignment.
  • If you choose to do the extra credit for the Chapter 12, please use the instructions online rather than those given to you in the textbook.
  • You will see on page 176, that the TIP that is provided will suggest that you look at the site as the guide and NOT the book.

If you decide to do the extra credit, back up your work for the practice site before starting this chapter. This chapter does require some programming using PHP.  Though the code is provided, you may find this chapter challenging if you have not coded before.

  • Build a theme from Scratch
  • Work with Template Files
  • Work with Template Tags
  • Use a Loop

This week, you will learn how to perform advanced customization on a  WordPress theme. What did you find that you like/ dislike the steps this week? What problems and successes did you have and what was the solution. Develop a 200 – 300 word response using MLA style/citation to this week’s readings. 

Post your WordPress URL in your response.

This assignment may have several different types of responses.

Please do not read others work in the discussion board and decide to write or respond to the same material. A response is an opinion of a reading in which you provide your opinion while pulling facts or citations from the text to back up your opinion. THERE WILL BE SEVERAL VARIATIONS OF ANSWERS TO THIS ASSIGNMENT.

Once you have completed the Discussion 8 Post, submit your response with proper citation to the drop box labeled as LastNameDiscussionPost8.docx

Go the week 8 forums, copy and paste your response into a new thread and you will then need to respond to at least 1 other threads

  • What did you learn from your classmate’s response?
  • What additional questions do you have after reading their response?
  • What differences or similarities do you see between your response and other their response?

This assignment should be completed in your PRACTICE site.
If you find that you need help with week 8 and 9 remember that there are forums on the WordPress.org site.

The purpose each week is to prove you can meet the weekly objectives and SHOW PROOF through screen shots. Often there are several ways to get to the solution and the WordPress site has a search option to find the step by step ways to get to this objective.

If you find the book is frustrating to you then use the wordpress site!

Use the forums and ask for help.

Online Theme Development  Sources

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