Week 8 Discussion Assignment

This week we were assigned to design and edit the theme of our WordPress website. The idea of the week assignment is to know how to design your site and how to edit the function of the theme. This gives quite the opportunity of designing and customizing the WordPress site to your favorite likings.  In fact what I like on this week assignment is how I was able to get hands on work on how to make a theme and designing my own WordPress site. I was able to get the width to expand to my likings and all this was able to be done with the editing of the theme code. But this is what I also the hard part of this week assignment and a disliking of mine. It very hard to tell where I need to go to make one thing function the way you want it to be.  It even took a while to find the area on the CSS styles for the theme to edit the width. Overall though; I found this week’s assignment to be quite beneficial though in designing the WordPress website. Now I am able to design the WordPress blog to my very likings and taken the first steps on learning the functions of WordPress.


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