Week 7 Forum Discussion Posting

The Phases of this project is to develop a WordPress site for a favorite hobby of mine.  In fact this progress of the project was involving “Usability”. There are 4 (in this case we using) strong types of usability we will be using is Links, Navigation, Content, and Layout for this project. The project is supposed to be in a “Portfolio” style type of website and to have it own features. So it is supposed to have different usabilities from that of the WordPress site. There are already some usabilities that are being used now on the site and their are the others that must be inserted on the site.

The one part already being used is the navigation and links usability on the project. The links are being used to navigate to other places; in this case it is being used as citations for some content. For example; i embedded a YouTube video on how to play basketball and some helpful tips to use in the game (which is actually what i am using in my project). The links are to serve as references for each content that is imported onto the website. The navigation is already taken cared of because the site is a portfolio type of site; it already links to different pages on the project. It has “go to next post” and “back to previous post” tabs with the title of each post it. This and the links are proving to be stronger used of usability on the site.

Layouts are the most important type of accessibility that a web designer must use; it like a “refrence sheet” or “a map” to how the website should be like. The layout at most is the title being the title goes on the top of each post on the site. Then the content is of course written on bottom of the title and that the information for the site. Also any photo and embedded videos will either be in the middle of bottom of each page. This Layout together is how the content will be used in the Phases 1 project.


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