Week 5: Site Setups

This Week is making another WordPress site:
  • Enable and disable comments
  • Moderate Comments
  • Fight spam with Akismet
  • Syndication
  • Set up a RSS Feed
  • Display a RSS Feed
  • Set up a subscription
  • Use Google Feedburner with WordPress

Tips for using the Askimet Services

You do not need to pay for these services. You will pick the free services and then be directed to a page that will ask you to create a free wordpress.com account. By doing this you will be able to get the akismet key that you can then use in your WordPress site on the SSC server site.

Tips for Using the Google FeedBurner 

Google Feedburner is no longer supported so you will need to use one of these suggested services.After setting up the Google FeedBurner, we are supposed to install a plugin. Once you get to the help page to download this plugin, there is the message:The FeedSmith plugin (previously offered on this page) is no longer maintained, and you should look for a replacement if you are currently using it. There are a number of options available on the WordPress Plugin Directory. At the bottom of the linked page is an updated version of the FeedSmith plugin (“FeedBurner FeedSmith Extend”). You should install this plugin instead.

Debugging Tips For WordPress

When WordPress was not working as expected, such as a blank page or permissions error, I have used the debugging feature to determine the error.

The wp-config file has a line that reads

define('WP_DEBUG', false);

When I changed the line to

define('WP_DEBUG', true)

I was able to determine the reasoning for the error because of the error message that was then displayed on the site.For example, if the install page is blank on WordPress I would see this message  rather than a blank page.
This message tells me that some of the required folders and files did not install properly so I need to reinstall.
Week 5 Discussion Board

This week was about how to set up RSS, protect our blogs from spams, and how to make our own RSS. A blog is basically a website that post articles and people comment on the article in the board. Blogs on the web come from various forms like news articles, stories, messages, etc. In recent discovery, a blog can get spams just like the ones you get in Emails by random businesses. In Week 5, we learned how to prevent this from happening by having a “Anti-Spam) program install in our WordPress. This program was also one of the plugins for WordPress which is called the “Akismet” Plugin which protects the blog from comments and trackback spam.

What we also learned in this week assignment is how to set up RSS feedback and displaying them online. The RSS of my choice was from “GameInformer” and copied the URL link into the RSS option in the Menu maker. Which reminds me that I customized the menu order and what falls into each tab in the menu (Basically learned how to make a menu). I also learned how to display Widgets and where you would want to place them in. My selected widget (RSS, Akismet, and Meta) was placed into the Primary Sidebar area of my website.

What I liked most was how I could set up widgets, plugins, menus, and page elements in WordPress (Plugin access was made by a code generator for wp-config.php). I even discovered some features in the WordPress program to say like how to add a “unique” image onto each page of the website (if you preview mine pages you see what I mean by that). What I did not like was the part of the RSS, Syndication, and setting up subscription for your own website. They were about impossible for me to know how, I don’t even know if I did those things in this week assignment for the WordPress website because of this confusion.  But overall I discovered so much features that WordPress had to offer and I tell you after this week, I may be able to work on the website effectively.

Reply back with other student
  • I learned what had to actually shown in Week 5 Assignment.
  • How to set up the subscriptions and your own RSS feedback
  • What I can say is that we both knew what was needed for this assignment this week the only thing is that I saw the site and realized I did it wrong. 😦
Week 5 Lab 5: Install your 2nd WordPress site 
  • Enable and disable comments

  • Moderate Comment

  • Fight Spam with Akismet

  • Syndication

  • Set up a RSS Feed

  • Display a RSS Feed

  • Set up a subscription

  • Using Google Burn


  • How can you make your content in your Phase 1 effective
    1. This will start on how to set up a blog and it settings
  • How does one make RSS feed effective?
    1. By copying the link and pasted it to a RSS formatted setting
  • How does one effectively manage blog comments?
    1. Preventing Spams from happening to much and is protected
This is the link to Phase 1 (Week 5 and 6) of WordPress Project
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