Week 4: Media Uploading

This Week we learned how to work with media in WordPress

  • Adding Media/Comments Working with Media
  • Using the Media Library
  • Uploading and Managing Audio Files
  • Uploading and Managing Video Files
  • Copyright and Fair Use, Citing Images on the Internet
You will need to have write access to the wp-content folder to be able to add media to your site
  1. Open Filezilla and FTP to your SSC Server Space. Navigate to public_html > practice
  2. Find you wp-content folder, right-click and go down to file permissions
  3. Make sure there are checks on ALL the boxes and in numeric value have 777
This should fix comments and all other uploads/ modifications to the wp-content folder.
WordPress, by default, will not allow it’s users to upload files larger than 2MB, but you can go into the wp-config.php file and change the max upload allowed.
Try to add this code to your wp-config.php file define
(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘128M’);

As a work around, I suggest you use YouTube or Vimeo (my personal preference) to upload your video first, Then go into WordPress and embed your video.

Why Aren’t My Perma Links Working After I Complete the .htaccess Step?

What I am finding is that there is a delay on the server with the settings, so it may take 24 hours for any wp-config or .htaccess changes to take effect. Once you make a change to either of these files or your permalinks, please wait 24 hours and then message me if the links are not working.

Copyright and Fair Use and citing Images on the Internet

  1. COP2822Week4
  2. Fair(y) Use Tale
  3. Sample-Image-Citation
  4. The Jame Watt Article

This Week Assignment is in theis Pages

  • Lab 3: Media Management
  • Lab 4: Copyright Content

Week 4 Discussion Post Response

The WordPress application allows media and images to be uploaded into your blog and how to manage the media in your gallery. There were so many issues with the application that I failed to get Week 3 completed and now have an F for the beginning of the course. Now I’m waiting for the 24 hour update for the file upload size. This is one of the steps that I disliked the most (The technical issues altogether). Finding a way to change the file upload size took hours to find and their no way to put the media into a gallery (or “album” group per say). Going passed the issues that most likely affect me the entire course; what I like this week was the steps on uploading images and videos to the servers. Being a blog based site after all it does had to have some pictures to go along with it.

There were plenty of problems I ran into the entire 3 and 4 weeks and now Week 3 is too late to get done; I was so upset! Sorry that beside the point; there was a problem I encounter during the media chapter of WordPress is the uploading size. I know it said to put “define (‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘128M’)” on the “wp-config.php”; but it did nothing. I tried and tried to find a solution but it was impossible for me to find one. But last night I manage to find something that may work. I manage to find a solution online telling me that I should enter this code into the wp-settings.php and I actually found the place where the code goes too and enter it there. The WordPress site for me went down but I know it a 24 hrs. Process; I only hope I did it right; otherwise…. It is over.

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