Lab 6: Widgets vs. Plug‐ins

What is the Difference Between Widgets and Plug-ins?

Widgets are independent sections of content that can be placed into any area provided by your theme and Plug-ins are extend and expand the functionality of WordPress.

  • Using Widgets


  • Using Plug‐ins

  • Upgrading Plug‐ins


1.Install a new plug-in. How do you find the plug-in you want? Can you install a plug-in from a source other than the Plugin Repository? How do you activate your new plug-in?

To find a Plug-in you want you can use the search or break down the search into specifics.  You can use the browser to search for plugins to  install on WordPress.

2. Install a widget. Is the process for installing a widget different from that of installing a plug-in? Where do you access the widget once it has been activated?

You can Download Widgets at Jetpack and the process of installing widgets is different from the Plug-ins (Let alone how to download them). The install Widgets can be found in the Widget menu.

3. Disable a widget without losing its settings. Where do you drag a widget to disable it without losing its settings? If you drag the widget back into an active widget area, are the settings still there?

In the content area on the right side of the screen, locate the widget you wish to disable. It is then drag it to the Inactive Widgets
area below the Available Widgets.

4. Deactivate a plug-in. Where must you go to deactivate a plug-in? Can you delete an active plug-in without deactivate it.

Go to Plug-In menu and disable the Plug-in in the list. You can delete the Plug-in without deactivating it.



Part 2

How would one define strong usability on a web site?

  • I say it not in the file format it should be.

How can you use this document, The US Government Usability Guidelines, to develop a strong WordPress web site project?

  • To give it a more easy approach for information.

What should you concentrate on in the Design Process and Evaluation to create strong usability on your WordPress web site project?

  • The ability to be compatible with other people.
  1. How can one optimize the user experience on your WordPress web site project?

  • You can develop a site map for planning on layouts

Pick 4 areas from the table of contents starting on page 11 of the pdf  you would like to concentrate on developing in your WordPress web site project to create strong usability.

  • Navigation
  • Layout
  • Site management
  • Links

Provide a brief overview on how you plan to increase usability within these 4 areas by using the appropriate handbook sections as a guide.

    • To develop a easy navigation to locate information
    • The layout of the page to be flexible with devices
    • That the site is in order and properly managed
    • That the link go as they should!

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