02.03 Broadcast – Radio

The Unknown Brain

“The brain can seem as mysterious as a distant galaxy, but scientists are starting to map and manipulate its many regions. In this hour, TED speakers take us on a trip through the human brain. When neuroanatomist Jill Bolte-Taylor felt her brain shut down during a stroke, she was more fascinated than panicked. Even though she spent eight years recovering, she’s grateful for the stroke. Neuroscience Suzana Herculano-Houzel turns brains into soup, so she can meticulously count the neurons, and determine why human brains are unique. Nancy Kanwisher studies the brain partly by staring at her own. She’s spent countless hours in an f MRI scanner, mapping her own brain to gain insight into what makes us human. Neuroscience Rebecca Saxe explains how one region in  the brain focuses on other people’s thoughts. Philosopher David Chalmers asks why humans have a sense of self, a constantly-running movie full of sensation and internal chatter. He offers two ideas about the nature of consciousness.”


The Radio Broadcast is about the the story of Jill Bolte-Taylor story on how an incident when she got a stock causing her brain to shut down parts of her brain. However her experience was differently and instead took it as a chance to learn more on the brain. She used her own brain to help her to gain an insight on how the brain functions as it dose. This leads to wonder to how it make us human; the people thoughts. and the sense of self. The two basic ideas on how the nature of the conscious works.

What I always learn every-time I listen to this radio stations is a lot of the nature of people in general and how it connects with everything we do. I actually started listening to the podcast when I first listen to the NPR radio station. The reporters is always excited to hear about this stories of people experience in their lives and how society much is like their experiences. The report source just comes from the stories from that person and they just like to share their story with others. I always do find it interesting to listen to their weekend podcast and what story that aired on the radio each Saturday.

The broadcast I could be considered to be a credible news source because it may not be actual news reports but it dose however your get to hear the different stories life experiences and it coming from them and not the reporter themselves; so the stories have credibility for that very reason.