2.00 Introduction: What is News?

So “What is news” anyway in a general statement? What news is the announcement of important information on events to the public to know? The important of news-reports is to inform the people on what is important or what they need to know! Can it come from anywhere or does it have to be a pacific source to make it news. Well it now different as it seems because the media is now mixed from what they were originally in the old days in my opinion. Their more focused on ratings rather than actual reporting on the “real” topics.

The news can actually come from any place and the information goes out into the public. The news can come from something that read like the newspapers with today’s articles. The News can be herd form the radio announcing it daily reports on traffic and weather forecast. The News can be watch on television like the news channels such as “FOX News”, “Good Morning America”, “Channel 9” etc. So pretty much news can come from anywhere; even from other people like a friend who shares what he has heard to others; but thing is that it could possibly be bias.

The News main difference from other types of communications that it informs more on events in motion in today society and what is happening in the world today. The news is supposed to be a place where the people can get the information on situations developing every day and what is need to be announced to the public. But lately it seems that the news is more interested to increase ranks rather than the news reporting. Some would even make stuff and it can really hurt or even to worse. What makes it news is that the truth is being announced and it what the public needs to know to be aware on what happening in the world today. That is it main purpose of existence and what would make it “News”!