04.03 Ethos and Credibility

The News Report I selected was on Fox news and was published on April 28 2015. The report was about a Mother who had a son who was part of a routing that was happening for multiple days in San Diego. The mother was watching a news report of the rioters throwing rocks at the police when she saw that one of the members was her own son. Then she rushed to the scene and then rioters were in a world of trouble (Especially her son). She managed to end the protesters actions while giving her son some cold, hard discipline for what he was doing. She was made as the “Hero of Baltimore” riots.

The article was to be set like a message to all parents that when their child misbehaves you show them the trouble they’re in. Just as the mother did; the parents too should lay the “Hard Hand” on the child for stepping out of line. They interviewed the mother about the events and her insights are for this and even served as an inspiration for all parents. She believes that the politician are not helping to on this because they think that the parents have no control over their own children. The women was like that Hero that may help bring a sense of inspiration for others and even so the reporter left a good message for this woman; the “Hero Mom” (Good moment for Mothers Day’s; don’t you think).

The report was straight from the “Hero Mon” in an interview with her and even of her own point of view. Even with that short appraisal from the report; the report was completely unbiased. The story has correct information and accurate. It leaves a type of example on how the parents should handle their children when they step out of line. Although her own thinking may be a bit biased nonetheless it all true and correct and shows how one person can make a true difference for others.

To read the full article click here to see the PDF Printout of it (It was printed out from the Fox news website and placed into a PDF just to note but it is the full article from them)


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