04.02 Logic and Fallacies

Everyone always have been given options for A or B; but sometimes their not the once you like to pick (rather have a C or D option). It always the case for me; for example I was told on what career that I should take after I graduated for High School (and College). At first I wanted to be a Video Game Designer but it actually was hard to get a job in that field. After that I was out of Ideas I have an option to either be an engineer or a psychologist. I was still into the Video game design Idea at the time so I wouldn’t have wanted either of these.

I’ve experienced many of false dilemmas in my life. Many times their are different kind of suggestions that are thrown at me or things that i’m told lots of times by others. Everyone is always debating on what choices or actions that are appropriate to take in a said situation. Sometimes I just go with the choices lade out too me but their are those I choice not to take for reasons. Their are two options given to me and maybe I don’t like any of them.

The situation wasn’t a right away answer and in fact to many times (even to 12th grade) to make a final dissension.  The reason I bring up that statement before was because I was actually told about the problems with my idea of being a Video Game Designer. After looking at it they were actually right about that. So then I thought of going into Psychology; but then I was told my emotional problems would cause a problem (being sensitive, and my parents told me this). So in the end I may be heading for the engineering field of wore but I sill not sure overall. So what ever choice their is I may have to take it under consideration.


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