03.00 Introduction to Ethics

To be ethical; it would mean to be honest and be truthful and being a right journalist requires responsibility. The term “Ethic” means “moral”; in journalism it means to have a “moral” duty to present accurate information. A journalist must have “ethics” otherwise you will only confuse your readers. That even can result in actions not appropriate due to false or misleading information. It not easy to be a journalist with this responsibility but so dose other things and it is right thing to follow.

This is the reason that a reporter providing the news to the public, people may take what is written or said very seriously. Sometimes it’s  difficult to do the right thing or even to know what the right thing is. Would you action make things better or worse is always the problem to “ethics”. If a friend of yours dose something their not supposed to do; what is the approach that appropriate for it. Do you stay quiet or do you speak up and how do you even help out. This situation where there is an argument for both sides would feel frustrated and confused and that what journalist face every time!

These situations and even others are known be ethical dilemmas. These are arguments for and against the action of what every situation it is and it can be difficult to decide what to do. It helps to build a code of ethics to follow so it can limit this conflict from happening (Not fully). This is a list of moral guidelines that journalists should follow in order to be responsible members of the news community. Also being in other words a rule of honesty or oath when it comes to journalist.


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